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Photo of founder and her daughter

Deep Roots

More about DeepBotany

We believe that if you're not your whole self, you can't be much to anyone else. DeepBotany is our ultimate solution to self-care with an organic twist. As a mother I understand that we sacrifice so much of ourselves to take care of those around us. Our gift is our caring so we should care for ourselves too. 




I am very open about my mental health and struggles.

PTSD and suicide survivor, Dorthi created DeepBotany with the intention of spreading the message of healing far and wide. A quiet person, Dorthi is like an onion–you have to continuously peel back layers and gradually you reveal a full life lived with a path that has lots of twists and turns.

During her time served in the US Army, Dorthi was a heavy construction equipment operator and served in Iraq in 2003. Her service earned her a bronze star for exceptionally meritorious performance of duty.

When she left the army she was now a single mother, caring for her young son. This was when she failed to take her own life, resulting in the need for a liver transplant. Suffering years with depression and PTSD, Dorthi has been rehabilitating her life for the past 14 years. The birth of her daughter Olivia Ocean has been a great moment in her life helping her push forward to her most recent endeavor as owner of DeepBotany.

picture of founder
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